N° 5 – The Cabinet


Issue N° 5 opens up the curious life of the cabinet, where intimate stories are hidden away, kept and inevitably shown. Revealing enlightened DIY shelves, immaculate celebrity closets, whimsical cocktail bars, socialist kiosks, classic cubes and cabinets that beat you at a game of chess. Featuring Sam Jacob, Emily King, Les Lalanne, Ettore Sottsass, Slothouber & Graatsma, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yvonne Dröge Wendel and many more.


Sottsass and
the Magic of Mobili

Ettore Sottsass on a 1966 Superbox, Poltronova. Photo Giuseppe Pino/Contrasto, 1979
Combining the violent colours of gas stations in America and the mysterious rituals of India, Ettore Sottsass created a cast of cabinet characters ready for the drama of life.


A Life in Cubes

After a lifetime spent exploring the application of the cube in architecture, art and design, William Graatsma acknowledges that his devotion to this universal form borders on the comical.

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La Femme Commode

Installation view, Nicola L., Works, 1968 to Present, <br>Sculpture Center, New York, 2017. Photo Kyle Knodell
Whether paintings, sculptures, installations or performances, the work of Nicola L (1937) investigates the surroundings in which we live our lives, from our body and skin to our house and social environment.  ...



Various versions of Josef Frank’s ‘Flora’ cabinet are in existence. But the Austrian designer-architect created this original Flora in the 1930s for the ‘insect professor’ Sten Selander from Uppsala University.  ...

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