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N° 4
The Sink

Issue Nº 4 delves into the alluring lives of the sink, the object that speaks volumes about who we are and how we live. Featuring mesmerizing inox sinks, sinks for genever drinkers, pathologists and butchers, ‘kommunalka’ sinks, sitcom sinks, and bottomless sinkholes into which everything disappears.

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N° 3
The Rope

Issue Nº 3 explores the fascinating life of the object that binds together pieces of furniture, K2 climbers, redneck cars, Japanese eggs and Mars rovers, inspiring a community of flax spinners, biennale curators, bondage lovers and sailing enthusiasts: Rope.

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N° 2
The Window

Issue Nº 2 is all about the fascinating life of windows: opulent Maison Jansen curtains, windowsills with rampaging plants, salvaged sash windows, stormproof shopping displays, refugee camp outlooks, confessions of a window cleaner, the fear of fenestration and Seth Siegelaub’s stunning collection of historic textiles.


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N° 1
The Bed

Issue Nº 1 features amazing backstage stories that revolve around our beds: cookie-cut Airbnb bedrooms, customized Do-it-Yourself beds, neat nightingale nests, copulating skyscrapers, instable flowerbeds and deflated airbeds are investigated by writers, critics, designers, craftsmen and photographers.

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